Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wicked Wonderland....

ael RacThe following were inspired by my most favorite of all time female musical artist... Lita Ford... She has a new Album out, called Wicked Wonderland :) check her out here

Expect more, shes a great inspiration and I could see more papers and maybe word art coming as well as tags :)

First is the tag, which is up for offer if youd like one post and you will have one, no tut on this one cuz my kids were fighting and I dont remember everything I did to get to the end result, Im sure I could figure it out but my head


I also made a copy with Lita's name on it and my spaced her it :) will let you know if she gets it and likes it... I thought since she was the inspiration and she seems to be online alot and run her own my space :) Id send my idol one... *fingers crossed* she likes it :)

*edit* She emailed(well her husband) right back and told me she liked it and glad I like the new stuff then they commented my My Space too :) YAY *

Next I made an Icon :) I love it :):

NOW I also made some papers... Im including the yellow one cuz I made it but Im not real fond of it... anyways these are all mine :) Just colors and paint shop tools :) woot woot :) Please give me feed back :)

Papers: ( which you may use... Please share what you have made Id love to see it)
Click on image to make it big then save :) thank you :)
Well now that the kids are sleeping Im gonna take a break and try to make something else :)

Please leave me feed back and I hope you like it :)


KLani said...

Cool papers Chell...I haven't gotten that far yet. but I love it. It ROCKS....

Michelle Tiffany said...

Thank you so much :)