Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Samurai Hottie Tutorial

Well it seems I might be getting better at this :)

Samurai Hottie

This tutorial is completely my own and any similarity is just pure coincidence...

Supplies Needed :

I use PSP X2

Tube of Choice, Im using in this one, a great tube from Ted Hammond, which can be purchased HERE @ CILM

Mask: Year Of The Tiger Mask-04 & KLD_Mask01 , and can be found here @ KLani Designs.

Scrap Kit (or one of your choice) : Im using the FTU Scrap Kit by Hutchs Baby, called

Template: From ~*~ Seven's Scraps ~*~ Tag template 2 You can get HERE.

Font used is Blackjack :)

Now onto the tag :)

Open up your template- Resize Canvas size to 800 x 800 - we will resize it back later... I find it easier to work this way...

Now on the template delete these layers:

1.Copyright info Layer, but always remember to follow the terms of any artist, and you are allowed to delete this layer :)'
2.Background Layer
3, Rectangle Layer
4.Rectangle Frame Layer
5.Circle Layer
6. Circle Frame Layer

All that should be left are the star layers w/frames and dotted lines...

Copy and paste your tube and bring it to the top, resize 110%, ONLY resize the tube tho... Now center it, you may refer to my tag as an example...

Next make a new layer, flood fill with red and drag it to the bottom layer. Apply mask Year of the Tiger Mask_04

Settings =
Source Luminance
fit to canvas
hide all mask
check Checkered Transparency board, under mask

Merge group

Paste Paper 5 and drag to the bottom below group 1 then apply mask KLD_mask01 same settings as above...
Merge group, then click on dotted lines layer and drag below your group 1 but above 2 so that its above your paper but below Year of the tiger mask...

Clicked on dotted lines layer select all, float, defloat and then go to adjust, hue and saturation then adjust the dotted lines to white. click group 1 and merge down then repeat to merge down to group 2 so its all one layer.

On both star layers, flood fill red, then go to effects- plug ins- xero-fritillary- settings:

G: 5
A: 30
T: 41
V: 49

Click on star frame1 and flood fill black, do the same for star frame 2.

Now paste element 46 and drag down so its on the bottom, arrange it at the top check my tag to see where I have it, if need be. Next duplicate-mirror-flip, arrange as you may need...

Merge Visible...

Now resize all layers to 600 x 600 pixles and add your copy right info :)

Add your name and place it inside bottom heart...

Font: Blackjack, size= 16 Red, Bold

Drop shadow if you so desire :)

And that is my Samurai Hottie

Save as PNG and your done...

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)
Decadent Orient.


sykoheart said...

totally don't understand it when you type it out

I'll have to watch you do one once and maybe give it a try.

I'm sure you explain it right down to the letter but I'm just better watching someone do something and going from there.

Michelle Tiffany said...

I will show you :) and then you will get it :) Love ya

sykoheart said...

works for me.

hey btw I just hit your blog.

it's 6:13 pm see if it came up