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♥ All About Chell ♥

Hi, Im Michelle, but my friends call me Chell,
Im a single stay at home(currently)  mom of the 4 greatest kids in this world,and no one can tell me Im wrong, I have 3 wonderful boys and the most beautiful girl (Piper) in this world, no one else in this world is and if you think thats cocky oh well…Just look at her face :)
My oldest son Nick ,lived in Japan and served in the US NAVY and Im was a VERY VERY PROUD NAVY MOM… And NOW a very proud National Guard Mama!!!Nick is married to a beautiful woman and expecting their first child, while in college while serving the National Guards!!!! He makes me super proud.. I have 2 other  boys that make me proud, Luke, whose one of the cool kids ( I guess cool adults now,lol) working his butt off and living life his way, and my sweet Ethan, who was diagnosed with PDD,a form of Autism, as well as ADHD and ID, and Anxiety. Most days are tough but we struggle thru, I love looking at the world thru his eyes. Then lil Miss P, who is my mini BFF, and lil artist as well. She draws free hand with a pencil as well as in PSP, and shes learning to tag and she loves making me cluster frames, not bad for not even being 10 yet!!!! They make my life worth it…

Other than being a mom,
I love the woods, lake, and beach…
I make things in Paint Shop ALL the time, tags, backgrounds, layouts, photo edits, icons and so forth,
Hence I also have a love of art… Pin Up Art is my favorite, some of my favorite artist are, Jennifer Janesko, Olivia De Berardinis, Barbra Jenson, Keith Garvey, Ismael Rac, Pin Up Toons, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith ( who I got to meet @ Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2014, yes I totally fan girled it,lol she is awesome) , and Jessica Galbraith just to name a few…
I love to read (ty Wendy), love taking pictures, I dont go anywhere of interest without my camera, I adore my family, friends and extended family…I LOVE music, always have since as far back as I can remember…
Metal is my favorite,my most fave are Motley Crue, Lita Ford Art of Dying and Marilyn Manson…

I love to sing and dance, love going to see live music, and have had a tendency to get involved with band guys, but before you go there, an asshole is an asshole doesnt matter if hes playing guitar or singing or a non musician, at the time...
I have no interest in dating anyone at all, so dont bother asking, or send me some stupid email asking why Im so hard on love…
Love is over rated  and if I cant have the electricity of the perfect passion, what is really the point?
Why settle?
Why be unhappy with someone if they are not your soul mate/mr right/Prince Charming?
Why be with someone who doesnt make you happy…
You should be with someone who the just the thought of makes you all tingly inside, someone who knows what your thinking before you say it?
Someone who loves you for nothing but being YOU!!!
Someone who knows your greatest flaw and still loves you…I wont settle for anything less…My kids are my life nothing else matters…Thats all the love I need…

♥ My PSP Hobby ♥

Most of you already know I am obsessed with Paint shop pro and I always get the newest version as soon as I possibly can which I just got the latest the end for Feb. 2013 and I love it... I mostly make tags, but recently become fond of making layouts and I love that my great friend Stephanie shares my love of blogs and has me design her layouts :) Id love to make more but no one really blogs anymore least not where I do, Altho Ive discovered that Word Press and Blogger are about the same with size…So I can make for both :)
I love making tags and sometimes you guys love them so much I get over loaded with orders for them but thats okay cuz that means they must be good if you demand them so much :) You support as well as enable my addiction, but this is a great addiction :)
What most of you dont know, with the exception of Tammy, Theresa and Cindy, who began with me in my love, is I started about 16
 years ago,making these lil things called drag and drop dolls, you basically dragged clothes onto a body and dressed it the way you wanted it to be… Then I began making web sites for my dolls cuz I loved em so much, then I discovered the world of Icon making :) and have 10000000′s of them… After that I found the world of original dolls, this was a huge step up from drag and drop, these dolls you take a base and then you actually draw the clothes and hair, I loved making them, you can make the bases as well but I never quite got the hang of that :)
THEN I found the world of TAGGING!!!!!! And Ive been hooked for like 9 years… I just love it and have fallen in love with so many artist (that I already didnt love, cuz I LOVE Art as well always have, :) ) that make tubes for tags. Im a proud Garv Girl and Rac Stalker :)   Its my love, my outlet, I wont ever make a dime and I spend way too much on tubes, but it makes me happy… :)
I know this is a blog but I have added pages here to show off the things I make and you may also request them if you want :)
Thanks for reading all the way the the end :)
 ~ Chell

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.