Monday, January 4, 2010

Resurrectiong Michelle's Myths 2010

Yes I have decided to resurrect Michelle's Myths, my blogger for my tags and such...As you will notice its been over a year since I made this blog, I used it till early 2009... I have over the past year tried to make web sites for my tags, a deviant art site, but honestly the only thing that's worked for me has been Face book...

I don't want to sound like and attention whore... but you kinda like it when ppl look at your stuffs, and esp. when they comment and tell you they like it... AND the ultimate is when they request a tag or a background or layout... This makes you want to create more and more and expand your talent... It may sound silly but its true...When no one looks you just lose the urge, why bother if you cant show off your work???

Soooooo I post my tags on Face Book and I have several loyal fans, yup I do, I even make Chicago Bears tags for a few of em :), cuz they like my work soooo much hehe (Steelers fan for anyone not getting the :)'s in this lol)

But I post a ton of them all the time, when I get on a roll I can post up to 10 in a day... So when a friend made a blogger for her really awesome stuffs, (KLani Designs linked over there ------>>>> hint hint, go visit...) I thought ya know I should resurrect my old blog and try again... So from now on Face Book Friends I will post my tags here in a post then I will let you know Via Face Book and you can see them all here at one time,rather then 20 new pix post :)

Please leave me comments and feed back I would totally love it, it makes me smile :)

You may request tags and what ever else you'd like... Tho I ask, when requesting, be clear on what you want, if its not what you want that's cool I will always try again, but don't get whinny and bitchy about it... YOUR NOT DOING ME ANY FAVORS here, just making me feel good about my creativity the more you bitch the less I want to create for you , cuz there are others who love the very first thing I make...I'm not saying you have to like the first thing I make but be grown up about it, they are only signature and comment tags(sometimes layouts) after all... I will try again, but if your not clear, how can I just guess, unless your a best friend of mine???

With that outta the way... I also plan of doing tutorials, yup, those that comment on my stuff really like it, my BFF even asked me to show her how to make some, so I got to thinking I should do that for some of my tags... I love doing tuts why not make some to share with others.... So look for those in the near future...

I also was reminded when getting back on here about the templates and word art I tried... I might try them again as well... Mostly this will be a show off my stuff, request it if you like it blog, but sometimes I will throw in extras :)

Well enjoy please comment I love the comments :) and Welcome back to *Michelle's Myths :)

*If interested The Blog name comes from my initials :) MTH Myth w/o the Y which is silent anyways so when you sound out MTH you get myth :) My Name is Michelle = Michelle's Myths :) plus I'm all about Mythology and the like as well, and ironically, it totally fits with some areas of my life... If ya cared.... hehe

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