Thursday, July 16, 2015

Coctail from Alfadesire @ Tiny Turtle Designs Store, Tutorial

 This tutorial is completely my own and any similarity is just pure coincidence...

Supplies Needed:

I use PSP X6

Tube of Choice, Im using in this one, Coctail by Alfadesire, which you can purchase HERE at Tiny Turtle Designs Store.

Scrap Kit: Pink Beach Party by Michelle's Myths Designs which you can get HERE

Font of Choice I used: Life's a Beach, which I got as a free font, HERE

Mask: Rocked By Rachel's mask set 2_2, you can find that HERE

Ok Lets get Started...

Open Up a new image, 975 x 975 (this tends to work better when using more elements)

It will look big but you will resize later...

Take element 57 and place in your new image, and resize by 125% and then place Coctail into your image and resize by 85% and place her on element 57 as seen in tag. 

Now take element 34 and place it behind your element 57 and off to the right side of the tag. 

Duplicate Coctail and resize by 150% and place her behind element 34 and frame her face inside wheel.  

Take your magic wand, click inside of element 34 and modify by 10, 
then invert, and click on Coctail, then click the delete button on your keyboard.

Now choose a paper (I picked 12) to place inside the wheel and repeat 
Take your magic wand, click inside of element 34 and modify by 10, 
then invert, and click on your paper, then click the delete button on your keyboard.

Next pick another paper, I chose paper 5, place this on your bottom layer,resize by 125% and choose a mask. 
I used Rocked By Rachels mask set 2_2 

you may want to adjust it to make the mask slightly bigger. 

Now take elements 

75, 81,85,86,89, 93, 95, and 96
Also pick 6, 7, 8, 43, and 54

and place them behind your boar in a beach scene. See tag for example.

Take element 73 and resize by 125% and duplicate and mirror on other side. 

Next take element 89 and place it under your sand layer but above it in the tag for your water, dulpicate and mirror.

Now take 95 and place on layer above the sand and place on the left side, take 96 and place on the right and place on layer above 
the wheel. 

Take Element 93 and place infront of element 96. 

Now take element 81 and place in top left corner on layer just below element 95. 

Place 86 on layer just above wheel and place behind the boat, move to the left of boat then duplicate, flip horizontal then move that 
one to the right side of the boat. 
take 86 amd place on top layer one left side and duplicate and place one on the right side. 

Take the rest of the elements and place randomly along the beach and place your seagull in the sky to your liking. 
These elements will need resized depending on your preference. 

Almost done....

Merge visible , Re-size to your liking (I like 600x600) then add the artist and your copyrights :) and choose your desired font,
for this I used, Lifes a beach in pink and blue.
Adjust size as desired.

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