Monday, July 6, 2015

Ariella by Lysisange @ Tiny Turtle Designs, Tutorial.

 This tutorial is completely my own and any similarity is just pure coincidence...

Supplies Needed:

I use PSP X6

Tube of Choice, Im using in this one, Ariella by Lysisange, which you can purchase HERE at Tiny Turtle Designs Store.

Scrap Kit: Mermaid Kit by Tiny Turtle Designs which you can get HERE

Font of Choice I used: Ocean, which I got as a free font, HERE

Ok Lets get Started...

Open Up a new image, 975 x 975 (this tends to work better when using more elements)

It will look big but you will resize later...

First take element 156 and place it in your new image. Resize by 125%

Take your Ariella, I chose the blue layers. And place her inside the new image as well. Resize her by 75% and place
directly in the center.

Now duplicate Ariella and place one under the frame.
Go back to top layer of Ariella and erase the part of her tail that is outside the frame, be very careful not to erase 
her arm. See tag for example if unsure. 

Next take Paper 32 and place on bottom layer. Adjust to your liking. 
Take your magic wand, click inside of Element 156 and modify by 10, then invert, and click on your paper, then click the delete button on your keyboard.

Now choose a few elements, I chose:

9, 18, 102, 115, 116, 118, 130 & 149 to start off. 

Now take element 18 and place behind the paper layer, resize by 150% and place off to the left, making sure to hid the lamps on the right side of the element.

Duplicate and place on the right matching up lines in the top center. Your green will go to the edge of your tag, this is ok. 

If you like you can resize your canvas to allow for the extra or just let it as is. 
I resized my canvas to 1025, remember we will make this smaller later after we have merged layers, so you can have the canvas as large as you need it to be.

Now take 115 and resize it by 150% and place to the left of tag under paper layer but above element 18 layer, duplicate and place to the right side.
Merge layer down to the first one. Duplicate and place below original and pull back to position over the grass of element 18.

Take 116, resize by 25% and place to the right covering the green space between the sand. 
repeat these steps with element 130 and place on the space on the left side.

Next take 118 and resize by 50% and place on top left corner of the frame. 

Now take 149 and place on layer just above the frame and on the far right, duplicate and flip horizontally and place on far left side. 

Repeat steps with element 9, then placing on each side of the frame, they should resemble bubbles, adjust to your liking. 

Again repeat this with Element 102.

Finally take paper 35 and place on bottom layer and use a mask of your choice. 

Almost done....

Merge visible , Re-size to your liking (I like 600x600) then add the artist and your copyrights :) and choose your desired font,
for this I used, Ocean, in blue and greens from Tag.
Adjust size as desired.

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