Thursday, June 18, 2015

Joan by Selisan AlGaib @ Tiny Turtles Design Store,Tutorial

 This tutorial is completely my own and any similarity is just pure coincidence...

Supplies Needed:

I use PSP X6

Tube of Choice, Im using in this one, Joan by Selisan Al-Gaib, which you can purchase HERE at Tiny Turtle Designs Store.
Scrap Kit: Apollymi by Michelle's Myth which you can get HERE
Mask: Mask Set 68 by Rocked by Rachel which you can find HERE

Font of Choice I used Stink on Death, which I got as a free font, HERE

Ok Lets get Started...

Open Up a new image, 975 x 975 (this tends to work better when using more elements)

It will look big but you will resize later...

Now choose
Frame 2
and place it in your new image.

Move it up to the right towards the top in the center, see tag for placement of right frame. 

Next take paper 6 and place it behind the frame, making sure frame is filled. 
Now drag over Joan. DO NOT resize her. Duplicate her. On the duplicate layer, hide visiblity. We will come back for her.
Go back to your visible Joan and place her below the frame but above the paper. Have her fill the frame and completely cover the paper.
Again we will come back to this. 

Now take your magic wand, click inside of RD24 and modify by 10, then invert, and click on your paper, then click the delete button on your keyboard. Repeat with Joan.
Staying on the Joan layer, go to layer properties and change it to Screen. Now your paper will bleed thru giving you a great effect. 

Next merge visible elements together. Now Duplicate. Flip horizontally and place to the left trying to make your frames blend together as best as possible. See Tag.

Now click on your duplicate Joan and make her visible again, resize her by 50% , flip Horizontlly, and move her to the bottom center. Again with this, see tag. 

Now grab a few elements I chose:
 8, 46, 47, 54,56, and 59

Fair warning we will be duplicating a lot in this tut. 

Place 8 in the bottom left, just behind Joan, duplicate and place that layer on the left.
Take 46 and place it just above your frames in the top center. 
Take 54 and place it abover your clock layers, on the left center,place the string so it looks as tho its wrapped around your frame. Now
it wont be big enough reach the right side, so duplicate it,drag it to the right and attach the strings to the other side, making it look as
tho its wrapped around the frame. Now erase extra stings, carefully.
See tag for example.

Take 59 and place above Joan's left leg, but dont cover the whole way, duplicate and repeat with right leg. 
Take 47 and resize by 50% and place on top left set of skulls, placing to look as tho the top skull is wearing it. 
Take 56 and place it just behind the right set of skulls. 

Now pick elements 61 & 62
Place 61 in your image and resize by 50% and place on bottom left behind skull set, duplicate and move to the right. 
Now take 62 and place on the bottom left behind your frame layers. Duplicate and place on the right side. 

See tag for example..

Next take 78 and resize by 150% and place on bottom layer place at top left, duplicate and move to the right.
Now you will have some roots, sticking out behind your towers looking out of place, just erase those.
Now take 66 and place on bottom layer in top center behind your trees. 

Lastly take 88 and place it on your very top layer on the very bottom in front of Joans legs. It should look as tho shes standing out from with in it.

To finish up take paper 1 and place on bottom layer and add mask. Adjust to your desired look and size depending on your choice of mask. Mine came 
from Rocked by Rachel and is Mask Set 68, mask 2. 

Almost done....

Merge visible , Re-size to your liking (I like 600x600) then add the artist and your copyrights :) and choose your desired font,
for this I used, Stink On Death, in whitish/green from tag, with a black outline.

Adjust size as desired.

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