Monday, June 8, 2015

CU pack, Brittany 11 from Bella Caribena.

Stop by Tiny Turtle's Designs and check out his awesome CU pack, Brittany 11 from Bella Caribena.
This CU pack comes with 2 gothic chibis by ©Oky Draft, these 2 come in various shades of blue.
This pack is absolutely adorable and PERFECT for making gothic lolita tags and a nice break from the dark and drab, she can also be use as PU in place of a tube.  Just make sure to have all proper chibi credits and copyrights.
Kit used in these tags is Coldtown by Michelle's Myths, with 62 elements and 12 papers. Can be purchased at Smiley Creations
Follow the link below and find CU Tube pack @
Tiny Turtle Designs Store


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