Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Stores, Leaving Stores, Broken Stores,lol

I just got into Pics For Designs!!!!! Im so excited to be there, I have loved this store for years, best part is Im making money there too :) Thanks you to everyone who has purchased a kit from me @ PFD, you rock !!!!

Find my kits HERE:

I am also leaving the stores, Low Budget Scraps and Sensibility Scrapping, due to no fault of theirs...
They have been wonderful to me and Im very grateful for being able to sell there... Quite honstly, I have taken on way too much ... I didnt mean to, it just kinda happened... I still may leave one or 2 more stores and just focus on one or two... At least till I can get myself all caught up... 

Finally I am selling w/ Designs By Norella, at Sweet  Pin Up, for some reason I cant sign in currently so my Norella matches are only on PFD... I have sent in an email to ask whats wrong or if it can be fixed, but this has happened more than once this week, so Im a lil frustrated... But as soon as its fix I will let you all know :)

Thank you so much for all your help, support and purchases :)

Love ,

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