Friday, April 2, 2010

My Muse is Back!!!

Well Ive been away for a while but Im back again and I think my muse is too :)

Things havent been the greatest here, and she went on vacation I

First I got kicked outta Ravens and I still to this day do not know why... I was never warned and never given an answer, and I didnt do anything that Im aware of... Just locked out one day :(

Then my job is being butt heads BLAH on them... So My Muse said she needed to hit the beach, but she forgot to take me...

But I just enrolled in school for Criminal Justice.... And I think work might be ok soon... I hope,but Im still off for a month....

New layout... Made by ME using a PTU kit from KatKNDA :) called Angel Dust :)

Tag at the top is also new...

I made a Tag Gallery can be found above the TUT links off to the side :)

I started a Tag Series called the Psycho Series, inspired by my BFF :)

And I have a few more things in the works but its late and Im gonna go to bed and work on those tomorrow :)

Hint, it will be downloadable and FTU :)

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