Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Layouts for you

I have decided since I stumbled on a sale and invested in a ton of Addictive Pleasures scrap kits, Im gonna change my layout again, yeah yeah I know I change it too much... I really like this one but I have some really awesome kits I want to try out...

Besides look at it this way, each time I change my layout, I then offer up the one I removed, you get more layouts this way :) hehe
Im not offering up the tag at the top, BUT if you would like that tag, which I will post below, comment me and leave me your email and what you want it to say and I will be happy to make you a matching tag :)

Here you go : (if you use it, please tell me,I love to see my stuff in use)Just click on layout image and right click and save to your computer :)
Also here are some older Blog layouts Ive had that you may have, I have matching tags if your interested but Im not posting them, if you would like one just comment here that youd like a matching tag and for which layout :) Id be happy to make you one :)

Depending on your browser you may need to resize, that is perfectly fine :) if you need to do so :)

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